Rotational-Speed Sensor | vSpeedBox


The vSpeedBox allows to measure speed without any tacho inputs and with a normal DC input. Inside the vSpeedBox, the input pulses coming from the LED-Sensor are used to measure the signal period with high accuracy based on 16 MHz time base. The speed values are calculated and converted to an speed-proportional analog DC output voltage, so they can be recorded by any data acquisition system with a DC input. Parallelly the impulse from the LED-Sensor are routed through to the TTL-Output, so data acquisitions having a special tacho input can be used as well. To guarantee a high accuracy, three speed ranges can be selected:

400 RPM

4000 RPM

40000 RPM

For the selected speed range, the DC output has a resolution of 4000 steps. If the maximum speed is exceeded, the power LED starts blinking. The vSpeedBox system is build up of two components:

LED-Sensor Head


For the detection of the speed pulses we additionally offer customized optical sensors for
special test setups.

The speed ranges can be customized if required.




Technical Data

    • Sensor: M16 x 1,5 with angle holder
    • Measurement principle: LED red, visible
    • Measurement distance: Max. 1000mm
    • Marker: Reflection tape
    • Sensor size: M16x1,5 length 74 mm
    • Cable length: 2,4 m
    • Temperature range: -10° to 70° C
    • Controller size: 110 x71x32 mm
    • Measurement ranges:
    • 400 RPM = 4 Volt, 4.000 RPM = 4 Volt, 40.000 RPM = 4 Volt
    • Accuray: ≤ 0,25 %
    • TTL output Pulses: 5 Volt
    • Power supply: 12-24 Volt DC
    • DC Scope of delivery: Sensor, controller and power supply




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