Operational Modal Analysis | ARTeMIS


The ARTeMIS name stands for Ambient Response Testing and Modal Identification Software. It covers all the tools an engineer needs to perform a high quality modal analysis without knowing the forces acting on the structure and while the structure is in operation. This technology is in general known as Operational Modal Analysis.

Operational Modal Analysis Tools

ARTeMIS Extractor is the leading software package for Operational Modal Analysis. It is available in three different versions, Light, Handy and Pro. Common features of all versions are:

Input data are the measured time series allowing import from all data recorders.

Unlimited number of channels (tested with 300 simultaneous measured channels).

Unlimited number of data points in each record.

Unlimited number of test setups.

Copy/paste of all graphics including tables.

Animation of AVI movie creation.

Versatile input / output facilities supporting Universal File Format and ASCII format.

Slave node editors and automatic interpolation for animation of unmeasured nodes.

Automatic preliminary modal analysis, giving you modal results in a few seconds after data has been loaded.

ARTeMIS Extractor Light

For those who need a fast and easy identification of mode shapes and natural frequencies, the ARTeMIS Extractor Light offers you the best choice of today: ODS and the patented Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD) technique that allows real modal properties with a simple click of the mouse. The ARTeMIS Extractor power for a low entry cost!

ARTeMIS Extractor Handy

For those who wants increased efficiency and flexibility in estimation methods. The ARTeMIS Extractor Handy version also includes our efficient and patented Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition (EFDD) technique for increased flexibility and computational efficiency.

ARTeMIS Extractor Pro

For those who want the best techniques available at their fingertips, needs the highest possible accuracy, and the most flexible validation of results. With the ARTeMIS Extractor Pro you can compare identification results in the time domain as well as the frequency domain using the most powerful and accurate identification tools available today. The safest validation can be performed by validating frequency and time domain results versus each another. This is possible with the Pro version.

Test Planning and Support Tools

The ARTeMIS product family also include a tool for Test Planning and Support called ARTeMIS Testor.

The major features are:

Import measurements from a wide range of file formats, including ASCII files, Universal File Formats and Wave files.

Unlimited number of channels and data points can be uploaded.

Draw a suitable test geometry inside the software or import one from a file.

Assign DOF information easily using drag and drop.

Inspect the data before using it for post analysis in e.g. ARTeMIS Extractor.

Control selected data acquisition systems directly inside the software.

Export all collected data (measurements, geometry and DOF information) to ARTeMIS Extractor by a click on a button, or to popular file formats like Universal File Format.

Compatible Hardware Systems

Structural Vibration Solutions A/S is not producing data acquisition systems or sensors. However, we are providing different kinds of tailored hardware solutions for the user that needs reliable equipment to perform testing. Together with our hardware solution partners we have suggested a series of solutions below. All systems are compatible with the ARTeMIS product family. Go to the hardware section for more information.

ARTeMIS Customer Service

Structural Vibration Solutions A/S offer all our customers and end-users the possibility to sign up for a Service Agreement. You subscribe to this service agreement for one year at a time, starting from product delivery date or the date of expiration of a previous service agreement. The service agreement covers:

A major software update at least once a year, covering new features as well as keeping up to date with current operating systems

Regular software maintenance

Day to day technical support either by email or phone

Internet support site with Frequently Asked Questions

Service can be signed up for one year or more

Notification of service expiration date one month before

Free seats at SVS Webinar User Training Course which will be held minimum 5-6 times per year

Service Renewal Policy

Service renewal specified above shall be provided in accordance with Structural Vibration Solutions A/S service policies. At the end of every service term the service term will automatically be renewed for successive terms of one (1) year at Structural Vibrations Solutions A/S then-current fees, unless notice of non-renewal is given by either party no less than three (3) months before the expiration of the term.