Data Acquisition | vMeas


Portable data acquisition system offers flexible data acquisition for on-site use. They can be easily expanded and thus adapted to the various requirements.

Advantages & Innovation

Mobile measuring systems

Synchronous sampling

Anti-aliasing filter


4 to 1024 channels

Signal conditioning

USB and Ethernet

Generator outputs

Applications & Integrations

Vibration measurement

Acoustic measurement

Test benches

Research and Development

Mechanical engineering



Civil engineering

vMeas Standard – Modular Data Acquisition

4 Analog inputs

24 bit solution

20kHz bandwith

Synchronous sampling of all inputs

10 and 1Volt input range

AC, DC, and ICP coupling

USB interface

92dB SNR

Frontends cascadable

Rugged housing

Extendable up to 4 frontends(=16 channels)

Dragonfly – Modular Data Acquisition

8 Analog inputs

24 bit solution

200 kHz samplerate per channel

Synchronous smpling of all channels


AC, DC, und ICP coupling

LAN interface

PoE Power Over Ethernet / 12V

111dB SNR

Frontends cascadable

Rugged Aluminium-housing


vMeas Low Frequency

4 Analog inputs (optional 8)

16 bit solution

1 – 120 Hz bandwith

Synchronous sampling of all channels

10, 5, 2 and 1 Volt input range

DC couppling

USB interface

90dB SNR

Rugged housing

Not extendable