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Maul-Theet GmbH is located in Berlin. Our team is working in the area of structural dynamics for more than 25 years.
Our engineers have a long experience in vibration measurement and analysis. We develop software tools for vibration measurement, analysis and calculation.
We sell data acquisition systems for vibration measurements, laser vibrometer, actuators, sensors and several software products in the area of structural dynamics.
Our analysers include a lot of functions like FFT, auto power, cross spectrum, FRF, third octave and octave spectrum. All data can be save on hard disc / ssd parallel during the measurement and be analysed later like during the measurement.
For the analysis of eigenvalues we developed our own modal analysis software. Beside the classical methods like SDOF and MDOF we offer a hand fit which enables the user to set the parameter of the eigenvalues manually to get the best modal results.
Operation deflection analysis in the frequency and time domain is part of the modal analysis software and for the “Operational Modal Analysis” we offer the software form Structural Vibration Solutions in Denmark.
With our ScanSet a single point laser can be upgraded to a laser scanning system. The ScanSet includes the head with the mirrors and the HD CCD camera, the data acquisition system and the software to set up and analyse the measurements. Our modal software is integrated in the ScanSet.

The Maul-Theet vImpact automatic modal hammer is designed to excite structures up to 40 kHz without “Double Hits”. The vImpact controller enables the user to trigger the impact with a button, a closer or by an internal timer interval.
Our test stands for turbine blades can measure the eigen frequencies and the mass flow. The software includes a data base for the blade management and the measured data.
For the brake industry we developed a “Shim Test Stand” following SAE and EKB standards. The automatic test stand measures the damping contact less and automatic  at selected temperatures.

We offer our customers wide support in solving vibration problems. Starting with the measurement up to consulting during the construction, Maul-Theet is the right address.

Quality policy

The main goal of Maul-Theet GmbH is the satisfaction of our customers and has the highest priority. Service orientation and commitment are top priorities. We attach great importance to carefully determining and implementing the task and its implementation. Our engineering office creates the prerequisites for a successful and long-term cooperation with our clients through the professional and timely fulfillment of its contractual obligations. Our daily work is based on the advice and support of our clients to ensure the best possible fulfillment of their wishes in compliance with the relevant laws, ordinances, standards and generally recognized rules of technology. Responsible and future-oriented management of our engineering office is the basis for long-term success in the market. A structured and goal-oriented way of working is indispensable for us. The standardization of routine processes guarantees the quality of our products, as well as the space to always react flexibly to special requirements. Our employees have the appropriate qualifications for the respective tasks and continue to train according to current requirements. She always acts with commitment and responsibility.


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Since January 2019 we are ISO 9001 certificated.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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