vImpact – Automatic Modal Hammer

A manual excitation with a small Modal hammer without a „Double Hit“ is nearly impossible – a well-known and very inconvenient issue. As solution for this issue MAUL-THEET developed the product family of the automatic Modal hammer „vImpact“. This enables you to precisely and reproducibly excite structures and measure the excitation forces.

Laser Vibrometry

Under the brand VibroLaser MAUL-THEET develops and sells products in the area of laservibrometrie. Especially the scanning technique ist an key feature we offer. With the laser hardware of our American partner we offer the complete portfolio of lasers from the single point to a multi beam sanning system.

Vibration & Modal

Under our brand vMeas we offer our customers optimized systems for vibration measurement and analysis. They are build up with highly precise frontends for the acquisiton and an easy to use software. We focus on the essentials and a good handling in the practical use.


In the area of Hydroacoustics we offer our customers underwater noise measurements and complete systems for the measurement and classification of the emitted noise of ships.

The systems can run in a network or as a mobile system direct on a ship.

Test Stands

Complex and highly precise inspection requests normaly need very goog trained personal. This leads to high costs for quality testing and is not realizable in the production process. Here we offer complete test solutions which can be handled save by normal workers.

Operational Modal Analysis

In opposit to the classical experimental modal analysis (EMA) the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) needs no information about the excitation forces. An excitaion with a modal hammer or a shaker is not necessary. The modal values (Eigenfrequency, damping , Eigenform) are determined from the vibration answers of the system during normal operation. ARTeMIS made by Structural Vibration Solutions from Denmark is the world leader in OMA software!


Specialized on network based high sample rate data acquisition systems HGL Dynamics became the standard supplier of Great Britains best and well known aircraft turbine manufacturer! HGL Dynamics delivers systems to record large time data seriesin via a network with mulitple clients. In their aircraft engine test cell system more then 500 channels with frequency ranges of 80 kHz are used.