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High Precision Automotive Disc Brake Pad Natural Frequency and Damping Test


Brake pads are of central importance in the development and production of brake systems. The dynamic properties of the brake pads are essential characteristics for simulating the brakes during the development process or for quality control in production. The measurement of the dynamic properties (including modal values) of brake pads is described in SAEJ2598. MAUL-THEET offers a complete system that automatically carries out, evaluates and documents these measurements in accordance with SAEJ2598. With the MAUL-THEET test bench it is also possible to determine the dynamic properties (natural frequencies and damping) of other technical components.

The Maul-Theet damping Test Stand SAE J2598 (vDamp) is optimized for the determination of:

Natural Frequencies

Damping Values of brake parts following SAE J2598.

It consists of an aluminium construction with the following components:

Excitation Unit

Vibration Sensor

Data Acquisition

Windows PC


Frequency Range better than standard requirement (500Hz to 16 kHz)

Frequency Resolution < 1 Hz at 20 kHz

Calculation of Damping or Loss Factor according to SAE J2598

Selectable dB Values for Damping Estimation for each Natural Frequency

Quality Sentencing based on Frequency Tolerances

Temperature Measurement with optional Frequency Correction

Excitation Unit

The broad band excitation is done with an Automatic Impact Hammer:

Frequency Range 0.3 to 40 kHz

Impact Force up to 200N peak

High Reproducibility

Vibration Sensor

The following sensors can be used with the VTS:


Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Acceleration Sensor

Data Acquisition

4 Channel DAQ synchronous sampling:

Frequency Ranges 1 kHz to 40 kHz

Frequency Resolution100 to 26500 FFT Lines

AC, DC and IEPE Coupling

Windows PC

All in One PC with Windows 10:


256 GB SSD

vDamp SAEJ2598 Software

The vDamp software handles the complete test procedure. It covers user management, parts and work order handling, measurements, analysis, documentation and reporting.

Part type specification:

Name and Meta data

Frequency range 1 kHz - 20 kHz selectable

Frequency Resolution (No of FFT lines) selectable

Frequency bands, Frequency Tolerances

dB Values for Damping Calculation (0.5 to 3dB)

Measurement Procedure based on Work Order:

Serial Measurement

Repetition Measurement

Automatic Measurement Procedure:

Triggering of Automatic Impact Hammer

Measurement of Excitation Force and Vibration Response

Averaging and Analysis

Peak Picking, Damping Calculation and Sentencing

Reporting Output of Work Order Results as Chart to:

Printer, PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.

Data Export:



Break Pad Test Stand


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