Laser Vibrometrie

[ ScanSet  +  SinglePoint Laser  =  Scanning Laser ]

Works with all available SinglePoint Laser

Existing/Old SinglePoint Laser can be reused

Pricing at less than 50% of available scanning systems on the market

Hightech Innovation Made in Germany

Single Point Laser Vibrometer

The VibroMet LP01 is based on a patented electro-optical configuration developed by MetroLaser. The system consists of a remote laser sensor head and an electronic controller.

Scanning Laser Vibrometer

The laser beam of the scanning laser doppler vibrometer is deflected by 2 mirrors which are controlled by the computer. A camera inside the head delivers the picture of the object under test. On this picture the measurement points can be arranged like with a CAD software. After the setup of points the measurement is done automaticly by the computer.

Multi-Beam Laser Vibrometer

MB-LDV The VibroMet™ Multiple Beam Laser Doppler Vibrometer (MB-LDV) is an easy-to-use, non-contact instrument capable of simultaneously measuring vibrations at Multiple locations on a target, with extremely high sensitivity.