Quality Controle Teststand | vQC


Fully automatic high-precision test bench for determining natural frequencies and damping with interface to ProLINK

With the Quality Control Test Stand | vQC it is possible to determine the dynamic sizes (natural frequencies and damping) of various technical components fully automatically, to identify deviating parts and to mark/eject them.

This test is particularly essential for the final inspection of aluminum components (voids + coarse grain formation + geometric deviations), brake pads (pre-deviation + pad detachment) or brake discs (coating + cracks). In quality control in production, the dynamic sizes are characteristics that can be determined quickly. MAUL-THEET offers a complete system that carries out these measurements fully automatically, evaluates them and, if necessary, marks or ejects the component if it deviates.

Advantages & Innovation

Fully automatic measurement with automatic evaluation

SQL database or central database through ProLINK

Automated test system for determining natural frequencies and damping

Cost and time savings through low personnel costs

Easy to use software

Excitation by automatic modal hammer

Vibration measurement with laser Doppler vibrometer or microphone

Quality factor for damping value

Frequency range up to 100 kHz

Frequency resolution < 1Hz at 20 kHz

Automatic production protocol generation

Freely selectable dB values for the attenuation calculation

Software guided measurement

Quality Controle Teststand | vQC

PDF-Datenblatt | vQC

Applications & Integrations


End Of Line

Quality control

Serial testing of components

Material testing

In Line

Series testing of components

The vQC is a complete measuring system for integration into production consisting of the following components:

Excitation Unit

The broad band excitation is done with an Automatic Impact Hammer:

Frequency Range 0.3 to 40 kHz

Impact Force up to 200N peak

High Reproducibility

Vibration Sensor

The vQC can be operated with the following sensor types:

Laser Doppler Vibrometer


Data Acquisition

4 Channel DAQ synchronous sampling:

AC, DC and IEPE Coupling

Frequency Ranges 1 kHz to 100 kHz

Frequency Resolution100 to 26500 FFT Lines

Windows PC

Standard oder Industrie-PC mit Windows 10,11:


256 GB SSD

vQC Software

The vQC software controls the entire testing process. It includes the automatic measurement of test items in the series, the analysis, and the output to a production protocol.

Part type specification:

Component identification bar or QR code

dB Values for Damping Calculation (0.5 to 3dB)

Frequency range 1 kHz - 20 kHz selectable

Frequency Resolution (No of FFT lines) selectable

Measurement Procedure based on Work Order:

Serial Measurement

Repetition Measurement

Automatische Messprozedur:

Automatische Bauteilpositionierung

Triggern des automatischen Modalhammers

Messung der Anregungskraft und der Schwingantwort

Mittlung der FRF

Peak Picking, Dämpfungsberechnung und Qualitätsbeurteilung

Automatische Bauteilsortierung

Ausgabe des Fertigungsprotokolls an:

SQL Datenbankanbindung nach Kundenvorgabe

ProLink Datenbankanbindung nach Kundenvorgabe

SAP Anbindung nach Kundenvorgabe

Drucker PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.



ASCII Dateien