Dragonfly – modular data acquisition

One of the most flexible measurement systems



Portable and modular data acquisition

8 independent analogue input channels

24-bit Sigma-delta Analogue to Digital Converters

200kHz samplerate per channel

Scanning of all channels synchronously


AC, DC, und ICP Inputs

LAN socket

PoE Power Over Ethernet / 12V

111dB SNR

111dB SNR

Integral slide mechanism to join with other Dragonfly family members

Rugged extruded aluminium chassis




With the new modular concept Dragonfly HGL Dynamics presents one of the most flexible measurement systems for the acquisition of dynamic data which exists today. The range of possible applications extends from

from the use as a simple frontend with a laptop

over the use as integrated network-device for data acquisition synchron with other modules

to the use as autuonomous measurement system with touchscreen for handling.

Everything is possible! The design is optimized for mobile useage:

Extrem compact desgin

Robust aluminium case

Weatherproof to IP68 standard