Multi-Beam Laser Vibrometer

Non-contact instrument capable of simultaneously measuring vibrations



The VibroMet™ Multiple Beam Laser Doppler Vibrometer (MB-LDV) is an easy-to-use, non-contact instrument capable of simultaneously measuring vibrations at Multiple locations on a target, with extremely high sensitivity.

Simultaneous Measurements at all Points

Customizable Beam and Optics Configuration

High Measurement Sensitivity

Rugged Field Tested Design

Single Shot Phase Measurement

Optional Linear Scanner

Since all points are measured at the same time, transient events can be accurately measured. In addition, the relative phase between measurement locations can be used to generate modal vibration patterns in a single shot. This capability is superior to single beam scanning methods and necessary when measuring temporary, non-stationary responses during interrogation. Another significant advantage, when compared to single beam scanning methods, is the faster inspection time of the multi-beam LDV system. It is the only scanning multibeam laser Doppler vibrometer available.