Automatic Modal Hammer | vImpact

product of the vlmpact series


A manual excitation with a small Modal hammer without a „Double Hit“ is nearly impossible – a well-known and very inconvenient issue. As solution for this issue MAUL-THEET developed the product family of the automatic Modal hammer „vImpact“. This enables you to precisely and reproducibly excite structures and measure the excitation forces. The series of automatic Modal hammers from MAUL–THEET includes the vImpact–60 and the vImpact–20 and the vImpact–2000 . The difference between the hammers are the frequency ranges and maximum forces. Especially the vImpact-2000 is adjustable for a wide range of force levels.

The vImpact system is divided into two components:

Hammer head

Control unit

The hammer head includes the small Modal hammer who has an integrated force cell and the electrodynamic actor that moves the hammer. The control unit sends the impulse that moves the Modal hammer to the actor inside the hammer head. The measured force signal is at the output of the control unit available. The hammer can be triggered by several methods:

Manually with the trigger button at the control unit.

By closing the external input with a switch through an extension wire or by any device with a closing contact.

With a TTL signal (40 .. 200 ms)

With the internal timer in the range of 4 hits per second up to 1 hit per minute.

Technical Data

Frequency Range- 60 kHz depending on object- 20 kHz depending on object - 4 kHz depending on object
Sensitivity22,5 mV/N
22,5 mV/N
2,25 mV/N
Measurement Range
222 N pk
222 N pk
2224 N pk
Resonance Frequency
Force Cell
≥ 100kHz≥ 300kHz≥ 36kHz
Nonlinearity≤ 1%
≤ 1%
≤ 1%
Output Impedanz< 100 Ohm
< 100 Ohm
< 100 Ohm
Coupling2-20 mA, IEPE
2-20 mA, IEPE
2-20 mA, IEPE
TriggerTimer // Button// External Contact (Closer)// TTL (40 .. 200 ms)
Timer // Button// External Contact (Closer)// TTL (40 .. 200 ms)Timer // Button// External Contact (Closer)// TTL (40 .. 200 ms)
Power Supply12-15 V12-15 V24 V
MassHead: 0,41 kg, Controller: 0,6 kgHead: 0,42 kg, Controller: 0,6 kgHead: 4.9 kg, Controller: 0.6 kg